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Zenkuro Drip Pressed Junmai Ginjo 375ml

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375ml Bottle Size.

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  • Brewed at Zenkuro Sake Brewery located in Queenstown, New Zealand.
  • Made from Gohyakumangoku rice.
  • Rice Polishing Ratio 60%.
  • Junmai Ginjo Classification. At the end of the fermentation process the newly crafted sake is separated from the rice lees or kasu by a technique called Shizuku Shibori in Japanese or drip pressing. This time consuming and laborious method involves pouring the fermenting mash into bags and suspending them. Gravity then controls the gentle filtering of sake through the mesh bags without application of  direct pressure or force.
  • 375ml Bottle Size.
  • ABV 15%.
  • Gentle fruity aromas of honeysuckle, peach, steamed rice and sweet brioche.
  • A smooth, fruity palate with hints of dried fig that is lightly textured and finishes with gentle umami and a touch of spice. This sake definitely sits in the dry spectrum and will “ping” Niigata style sake memories for those who have experienced this light, dry crisp style.
  • Food pairings with fresh seafood and grilled snapper fillets, scallop mornay, calamari fritti and fish and chips. Suit chicken, veal and pork dishes with light sauces or seared on the barbecue. Great with fresh salads, tomatoes, basil and bocconcini, Salad Nicoise and Caesar salad. Enjoy with vegetarian lasagne, or a creamy cheesy quiche.
  • Serve chilled and store in a cool, dark place. After opening keep refrigerated.

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