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Terada Honke Kameno-O Junmai Namazake

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720ml Bottle Size.

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  • Brewed at Terada Honke in Kozaki, Chiba Prefecture. Owner and Master Brewer (Toji) is Masaru Terada.
  • Made from local organically grown, heirloom rice varietal Kameno-O rice.
  • Rice Polishing Ratio 70%.
  • Junmai Classification, Muroka – no charcoal filtration , Genshu – undiluted, Kimoto fermentation starter, Nama – unpasteurised.
  • 720ml Bottle.
  • ABV 15.5 %.
  • A sake which has been brewed using the traditional Kimoto style of fermentation starter method and made from 100% Kameno-O rice. This sake has a bright, juicy and fruity character with some great acidity defining the finish.
  • Food matches include figs, raw cheese and gooey camembert, tart goats cheese and a creamy blue cheese. Cured meats and charcuterie and pickled vegetables. This sake has ample character and verve to drink with an asian curry or marinated and grilled meats or seafood. Perfect with grilled prawns.
  • Recommend serve chilled.
  • Keep refrigerated during storage and after opening.

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