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Tamagawa Icebreaker Namazake 2019

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500ml Bottle Size

Keep Refrigerated – Unpasteurised Sake

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  • Brewed at Kinoshita Brewery in Kyoto Prefecture. Toji Brewmaster is Philip Harper who produces this cult classic annually for release in the Japanese summer.
  • Made from Nihonbare rice grown in Shiga Prefecture.
  • Rice Polishing Ratio 60%.
  • Junmai Ginjo Classification; Namazake -unpasteurised, Muroka – unfiltered, Genshu – undiluted.
  • 500ml Bottle Size.
  • ABV 17.9%.
  • Funky aromatics of sweet, damp chestnut, malted biscuits and steamed rice with an undeniable fruity start then refreshing finish with hints of fennel, shiitake mushroom and super ripe melon.
  • Food matches – Very versatile, full-bodied sake that can handle rich food flavours, grilled, marinated chicken and beef, mushroom risotto, grilled eggplant and capsicum, blue cheese and ice-cream.
  • Serve chilled. Philip Harper recommends serving this sake over ice – the ice gives this sake a creamier texture and as it melts it the flavour profile changes.
  • Keep refrigerated during storage and after opening.

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