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Sawaya Matsumoto Shuhari Omachi

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720ml Bottle Size

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  • Brewed at Matsumoto Sake Brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto Prefecture.
  • Made from Omachi rice grown in Okayama Prefecture.
  • Rice Polishing Ratio – not stated by brewer.
  • Classification – not stated by brewer but ingredients stated are rice, kõji and water only (Junmai).
  • ABV 15%.
  • 720ml Bottle Size.
  • A refreshing aroma gently evocative of melon and green grapes.
  • A gentle bubbly effervescence on sipping which accentuates the delicate texture and rich, juicy fruitiness of this sake. The flavours of white peaches and melon are well balanced by a clean, sharp acidity on the finish.
  • Food matches – seafood, lobster, scampi, Moreton Bay bugs and prawns. Grilled flounder, pan -fried Blue Eye, poached chicken. Soft cheeses – Camembert, Brie, Ricotta and mild creamy blue cheese. Fresh fruit – melon, watermelon, fresh ripe stone fruit and grapes.
  • Serve chilled. Take care on opening as this bottle will “pop” due to the retained carbon dioxide in the sake.
  • Store in a cool, dark place. After opening keep refrigerated. The natural effervescence will dissipate within hours of opening.