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Melbourne Sake World Sake Day TWTT Special Edition

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750ml Bottle Size.

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Keep Refrigerated  – Unpasteurised Sake (Namazake).

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  • An Australian craft sake brewed by the Melbourne Sake team located in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Made from Australian grown Koshi-Hikari rice.
  • Minimal polishing, Rice polishing ratio 90%
  • Junmai Classification, Muroka (no charcoal fining), Nama (unpasteurised), Genshu (no dilution): Yeast type 901.
  • A low temperature, slow ferment was utilised to encourage floral aromatics and bright red fruit. This sake has been stored in cold conditions after pressing to retain all its vibrancy and straight off-the-press energy.
  • 750ml Bottle size.
  • ABV 16%
  • Toji Matt’s tasting note – Ripe strawberries, white flowers and cherry blossom. The palate is fresh and fruit driven with a delicate savoury riceyness. Zippy acid brings it all together.
  • Bring out the BBQ or hibachi grill and some good seafood from the market. This sake is great alongside sizzling protein and accompanying your favourite cheese. Definitely at home with a cheese and charcuterie board with lots of semi-soft, oozing fermented goodness.
  • Recommend serve chilled to room temperature.

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