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Masuizumi Platina Junmai Daiginjo

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720ml Bottle Size

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  • Brewed at Masuda Sake Company located in Iwase, Toyama Prefecture.
  • Made from Yamada Nishiki rice grown in Hyogo Prefecture.
  • Rice Polishing Ratio 35%.
  • Junmai Daiginjo Classification.
  • 720ml Bottle Size.
  • ABV 14%.
  • Flagship ultra premium grade sake for the Masuda Brewery made from highly polished rice. The Kanji character 寿 (Kotobuki) is emblazoned on the bottle and means congratulation – celebrating longevity, honour and prosperity.
  • Enticing fruity aromas of musk melon with smooth, rich taste emphasising the soft sweetness of rice and finishing with a clean dry finish. Elegant and luxurious.
  • Food Matches – Abalone, scallops, scampi, lobster, prawns and steamed white fish, grilled salmon fillet. Poached chicken in broth, egg custard and cheese soufflé, foie gras, duck liver paté.
  • Serve chilled and in a tulip-shaped (wine) glass to capture the gorgeous aroma of the sake.
  • Store in a cool, dark place. After opening keep refrigerated.

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