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Kidoizumi Shizenmai Sparkling

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360ml Bottle Size. Namazake – unpasteurised, keep refrigerated.

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  • Brewed at Kidoizumi Shuzo in Ohara, Chiba Prefecture in the Boso Peninsula.
  • Made with locally-grown, organic Gohyakumangoku  rice. The brand name Shizenmai means natural rice and is the perfect name for sake made from 100% naturally raised agricultural rice, free from pesticides and chemical fertilisers.
  • Rice Polishing Ratio 60%.
  • Sparkling Classification – Junmai, Yamahai fermentation starter, Nama- unpasteurised, Usu-Nigori (slightly cloudy from retained rice lees), Secondary in-bottle fermentation, Muroka – no charcoal filtration, Genshu – undiluted.
  • 360ml Bottle Size.
  • Whipped cream, yogurt, fresh ricotta and lactic aromas mingle pleasantly in the glass.
  • An off dry sparkling with nashi pear and steamed rice flavours finishing with a tart lime spritz punctuating the creaminess. A wonderful impression of refreshing simplicity that’s a great aperitif or for sipping on a warm evening. This sake is made with secondary in-bottle fermentation similar to traditional methods employed in making Champagne. This results in a fine perlage and some yeast/rice sediment remaining in the bottle giving a cloudy appearance. 
  • Food matches – raw milk cheese and pickle platters, crackers and zesty dips, smoked and cured meats, marinated and grilled seafood, ceviche and shellfish. A cool note when served with Mexican food or a Thai curry.
  • Serve chilled in tulip-shaped glass to capture aroma and appreciate the bubble. Care required on opening the bottle. After gentle opening ensure the sediment at the base is gently circulated in the bottle.
  • Store refrigerated as this sake is unpasteurised. After opening keep refrigerated.