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Gozenshu 1859 Prototype Namazake

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720ml Bottle Size only.

Keep Refrigerated – Unpasteurised Sake

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  • Brewed at Tsuji Honten in Katsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture. The Brewery is led by a brother and sister team. Yoichiro Tsuji is the President and his sister Maiko is the Master Brewer. This sake is named Prototype because it is the first of the new branding series to be released and the year 1859 is when Omachi rice was first discovered.
  • Made from 100% Okayama grown Omachi rice.
  • Rice Polishing Ratio 65%.
  • Junmai Classification, Muroka – no charcoal fining / filtering, Nama – unpasteurised, Genshu – undiluted. Bodaimoto fermentation starter technique used, Kyokai Kōbo (yeast) No 14.
  • 720ml Bottle Size.
  • ABV 16%.
  • Fruity aromas of melon and apricot.
  • Bold, stone-fruit flavours – think cumquat and apricot with a rich textured mid-palate and a pleasant creamy rice and nutty spiciness to clean up the finish.
  • Great food pairing alongside spice filled dishes like curry, Thai dishes and your favourite Malaysian cuisine. Has some pleasing acidity to cut through cream style sauces or deep intense favours like teriyaki and sukiyaki sauces. Try with cheese too.
  • Serve chilled and keep refrigerated at all times including storage and after opening.

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