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Choryo Yoshinosugi no Taruzake Yamahai Junmai

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720 ml Bottle Size

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  • Brewed at Choryo Shuzo in Koryo-cho town, Nara Prefecture.
  • Made from Omachi rice.
  • Rice Polishing Ratio 70%.
  • Junmai Classification, Yamahai Starter Fermentation.
  • 720ml Bottle Size.
  • ABV 14%.
  • Gentle toasted rice, vanilla and cedar notes on the nose arising from this sake’s contact with the Brewery’s handmade cedar barrels known as Taru.
  • Complex layers of flavour with clean woodiness and herbal notes. Heading much more towards a drier palate with cleansing acidity and great balance. A modern expression of a very traditional.
  • Food matches – grilled chicken, hamburgers, pizza, lamb roast, porterhouse steak, smoked fish, mussels.
  • This sake can be served chilled, room temperature or warmed. Taste experience will change with temperature so enjoy the experiment.
  • Store this in a cool, dark place. After opening keep refrigerated.